Special cooking according to "Budwig"

This special diet is based on the researches of Dr Johanna Budwig on the subject of the metabolic system . Thanks to her researches she was able to help a lot of people with cancer and metabolic disorder.

The main purpose of this oil and protein diet is using high quality oils like linseed oil.

Fresh vegetables raw or cooked are contents of this healthy diet which means with every cooked meal there are raw vegetables or salads served.

The heart of this very healthy diet is curd combined with linseed oil it can be served as a savory main or side dish or as ‚Linomel-Müsli' for breakfast.

After the tasty breakfast müsli we offer you for lunch for example:
Macedonian potatoe soup, mushroom stew, Indian white cabbage, buckwheat fritter or jacked potatoes.

For dessert there is a sugar-free pudding for example: chocolate ice cream, cherry jelly with curd sauce or kaki fruit pudding.

For supper we offer you for example fresh salad, whole grain bread with a plate of light vegetable cream soup.

Look forward to having a tasty adventure!