‚Hof Grafel' belongs to Rotenburg a town in Lower Saxony and it is situated about three kilometres to the south of the town centre in a idyllic and quiet location.

Rotenburg is a very hospitable and bustling town with about 20.000 inhabitants and it is more than 800 years old.

The surrounding area with its woods, lakes, moors and sandy moorlands is as attractive as the town itself.

The pedestrian precinct is not only popular with the locals but also there are many cafés, ice-cream parlours and different restaurants for any culinary taste.

Our guests also like to visit the museum of local history, the Weichelsee, the horse market, the church and other historic buildings like the 'Rudolf-Schäfer-House' or the old chemist's building. It is worthwhile taking part in a town sightseeing tour.

The river Wümme with its tributaries characterize the town: a beautiful river area is very tempting to linger in this pretty spot but also invites to go for a walk or go on a boat trip.

Leisure activities such as tennis, golf, swimming, horse-riding and bowling are offered as well as a cinema and canoe rental.

Everybody old and young enjoys our adventure swimming bath ‚Ronululu'.

In any case Rotenburg is worthwhile a visit!!!