Animals on our farm

The animals really enjoy living on our farm.

It is because they can enjoy a carefree life day by day: One can see it if you watch our ponies romping about on the meadows. Everybody who is interested in riding either Sonny, Butscher, Merlin, Curly or Dirk can gather informations in topic 'Leisure activities'.

Within the farm area there is also a 'team of four': the donkeys Micky and Sheila who most of the time enjoy strolling about with the goat Finchen.

Furthermore there are chicken which also belong to our family of animals.

There are also wild living animals like birds of different kinds which live near or on the farm. There is even an owl which has had its nesting place in our barn for years.

In spring time frogs from the near pond surprise us all with little concerts.