The farm has existed for more than four hundred years for twelve generations: Our families have withstood wars, diseases and natural disasters as the detailed chronicle of our family shows.

In the beginning Grafel had been a sheep farm which had supported the family for three generations. In 1749 the 'Sheep Farm Grafel' had been abolished by order of the Royal Chamber.

Nearly a hundred years later after long negotiations Friedrich-Meinhard Peters was given a plot of land. Shepherd Peters became a farmer in that particular region, in German 'Heidjer'. In 1868 the family built a new house, the wood they needed had grown on Grafel ground and the clay bricks were made of Grafel clay in a brickwork close to the farm.

The blessing written on the gable above the front door still accompanies us and our guests: 'Lord, please save this house and everybody who enters or leaves it, bless all in danger and protect all of us forever…'

In addition to farming in the ninth generation, beekeeping became very important to everyday existence with colonies of roughly 200 bees.
Unforgotten are the words of our Grandfather: 'May the history of our ancestors give all following generations the courage in hard times to come forward and to become thoughtful in thinking. Therefore to withstand all forces and to maintain based on the model of our ancestors. Then the farm 'Hof Grafel' as a place of refuge for the Peter's family will never decline in the flow of time.

Our parents belonged to the 10th generation in 1963 which courageously started a new project called 'Holidays on a farm'. With great success: For more than 40 years our farm 'Hof Grafel' has been a 'Holiday Home' for all of our visitors including a lot of regular guests.