Our holiday farm

Welcome you to our homepage.

You get to know our farm, a beautiful, quiet and idyllic place where you can spend a relaxed and carefree holiday. Of course you will get to know something about us and our animals.

Our farm Hof Grafel is surrounded by woods, heath, moor and meadows and is situated in a quiet location away from any busy roads and stressing everyday life. It is a ideal place for a relaxing holiday and many quiet spots in our beautiful country garden will invite you to relax.

Be welcome to experience the co-operation of human and nature, the living on our farm and enjoy our hospitality!

And if you like to go into a town you can visit Rotenburg which is only about 3 kilometres away.

Even after running our business for over 40 years each visitor means something special to us. Our regular visitiors are not only people who stay with us, they mean more to us than that.

Apart from many families coming from far away or who live nearby there are also a lot of grandparents with their grandchildren, groups like family re-unions and couples (50+) without any children who like to spend a relaxing holiday in natural surroundings including full-board on our farm.

We are happy if you not only enjoy your stay but if you feel at home with us.