The hall - our farm-life centre

Our guests have always enjoyed spending their time in our spacious and 'oldy woldy' hall. To those who already known Hof Grafel it has become a big part of their holidays to not only have their meals there but also play games, chat, do craftwork, read and make music.. Somebody's playing the piano has often been the reason for an unforgettable nice evening!
But there is also a chance for a quiet read by yourself or a good cup of tea with delicious cake.

Not only on rainy days the children enjoy playing in there also the adults meet up there for a friendly gathering.

In our little library there is quite a variety of books to borrow and at the desk there are a number of brochures and a catalogue to give you some ideas about what to do with your free time . Please help yourself to softdrinks out of the fridge, sit down and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.